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Got Courage to get in to this train??

As a traveller, many a times I have had to sacrifice conveyance to reach places in time, some times sleep, some times food and some times my comfort, but what if all of these happen together?? All hell Breaks lose. The same thing happened to me when I was travelling to Jalgoan. We tried to book tickets in tatkal but failed to do same. We had to travel in the General Compartment of an Express train, stood through the whole journey of 8 hours couldn’t even stand properly and had had no food until we reached Jalgoan.

At one point I thought to get down at Nashik and hire a cab to go to Jalgoan.But would have taken more time as Nashik Railways Station is 10 kms away from the Jalgaon Highway and also it would have been very difficult to get a cab at 2am. So I decided to hold my patience and me nerves, told myself that its a matter of just 3 more hours and continued standing in the train, reading about Ajanta Caves.

People travelling in General Compartment never lie flat on the berth. they all sit or stand or acquire weird positions making spaces for themselves. some people are crazy enough. they tie bed-sheet against poles and sleep snoring. some insane people are drunk and get high to get sleep. Below is a snap from our experience.


My advice to travelers is to book your travelling tickets in advance or book tatkal tickets via Tatkal Ticket Now Google Chrome App very reliable Google Chrome Extension.

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